Customer Loyalty Program

At EMCO we strive for 100% customer loyalty and we welcome feedback from our customers.  If you have a comment or criticism, please contact your local EMCO Branch Manager.

CSAT Index

EMCO is committed to continuous improvement.   We continuously measure our progress on the key service areas identified by our customers. These areas include:

  • On Time Delivery – ensuring our customers get their product at the right time

  • Order Accuracy – ensure that every order is picked correctly

  • Invoice Accuracy – ensuring that invoices accurately reflect our customer’s pricing

  • Inventory Fill Rates – ensuring we have the right inventory at all our branches

At EMCO we want to ensure that our customers get the right product, at the right time at the right price on every single order.

Each branch, product line and customer is measured daily against these customer satisfaction drivers and our targets are always getting higher.